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Professional Circular LED lamp with dimmer, 31 cm, 128 LEDs, telephone holder, adjustable stand 1.70 m, 3200K-5600K


Circular lamp, color temperature of about 5600K and power 50W. An ideal accessory for fashion, studio, macro or product photography. Possibility of adapting the mirror for make-up or telephone or video camera support, and the support (stand) offers you the possibility to fix it in the ideal position.

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    Maono HD300T dynamic professional microphone, zero latency, voice monitoring and volume control, XLR or USB connection


    MAONO HD300T is honored to be ranked fourth by the famous site of the microphone magazine "Microphone Geeks" under the keywords "Best USB microphone"

    '' The Maono HD300T is a dynamic USB microphone that brings live sound home and offers the best value for money when it comes to voice recording. It offers the best dynamic features that result in smooth, undistorted sound, freeing you from buying expensive equipment such as preamps and a digital interface, which are otherwise needed to connect a dynamic XLR microphone to a computer. This microphone comes with a handy shock stand and compact pop. "

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    After years of research, MAONO has officially launched this dynamic cardioid microphone with USB and XLR output (HD300T).

     We use premium materials as well as excellent workmanship and strive to launch a cost-effective dynamic microphone.

    Dynamic, portable and professional Maono HD300T microphone with dual USB / XLR output.

    The USB digital output connects to a computer, PC, Mac and the XLR analog output connects to a mixer, audio interface or portable PA system.

    Ideal for podcasting, recording, live streaming, voice, voiceover, singing, home-studio, content creation.

    Zero latency monitoring and volume control: 1/8 "(3.5 mm) headphone output allows you to monitor sound during recording without any delay or echo.

    The Maono HD300T microphone also has a control knob that can conveniently adjust the headphone output volume.

    Dynamic microphone with built-in cardioid capsule can pick up sound in front of the microphone and reduce possible background noise from the other side and back.

    Smooth and extended frequency response for rich and natural vocal reproduction.

    Durable metal construction for long-lasting performance.

    The robust metal construction offers remarkable reliability.

    The base is made of metal and will not be easily knocked down.

    The height-adjustable metal tube is more durable than the regular plastic tube and easily supports heavy microphones.

    Shock support and pop filter to reduce p-pops.


    Polar Model: Cardioid

    Item Type: Dynamic

    Frequency 40Hz-17,000KHz

    Headphone jack: 1/8 '(3.5mm) TSR STEREO

    Connectivity: XLR / USB

    Material- Metal

    The package contains:

    1 x Dynamic microphone

    1 x Microphone stand

    1 x Shock holder

    1 x USB cable

    1 x XLR cable

    1 x Pop Filter

    1 x Manual

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