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Professional Circular LED lamp with dimmer, 31 cm, 128 LEDs, telephone holder, adjustable stand 1.70 m, 3200K-5600K


Circular lamp, color temperature of about 5600K and power 50W. An ideal accessory for fashion, studio, macro or product photography. Possibility of adapting the mirror for make-up or telephone or video camera support, and the support (stand) offers you the possibility to fix it in the ideal position.

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Maonocaster AM100 portable mixer, all in one studio for podcast


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AM100 MAONOCASTER for podcast  This is exactly what you need when you want to easily remove your podcast, radio shows, or Twitch streams, but you're not sure what equipment to buy. It's so easy and intuitive to use that you can podcast in minutes and focus on providing valuable content and interacting with your audience, rather than being distracted by the complicated operations of other equipment.

Provides four audio mixing channels and easy connections to microphones, smartphones and other sources; uses advanced technology that allows the user to control sound levels and add live voice and sound effects through a comprehensive set of tools to avoid difficult post-production and editing.


The MAONOCASTER AM100 Portable Podcast Studio greatly simplifies the podcast production process by integrating multiple digital audio mixing equipment into one comprehensive, affordable solution. It is very easy to configure and use in any camera to record or stream live. It offers superb sound quality and intuitive and complete control that suits the needs of both beginners and experienced broadcasters.

Superior to other podcast stations that are plugged in when used, the MAONOCASTER portable mixer has a built-in 5000 mAh battery that is capable of withstanding at least 8 hours of non-stop podcasting.

With MAONOCASTER , you can continue live transmission during a power outage, when you are outdoors or even moving.

MAONOCASTER comes with 6 preset buttons for voice effects (pitch, gender-bend, robot, sidechain, music only), 4 preset pads for FX sounds (stinger, cheering, clapping, suspense) and 3 programmable pads to upload your own FX sound or jingles. using the MAONOCASTER PC application.

There is also a mute button to mute the sound.


Instant playback of endless custom voice and sound effects makes your podcasts more fun for your audience.

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