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Professional Circular LED lamp with dimmer, 31 cm, 128 LEDs, telephone holder, adjustable stand 1.70 m, 3200K-5600K


Circular lamp, color temperature of about 5600K and power 50W. An ideal accessory for fashion, studio, macro or product photography. Possibility of adapting the mirror for make-up or telephone or video camera support, and the support (stand) offers you the possibility to fix it in the ideal position.

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    Chashing Dory underwater drone, 1080P, maximum depth 15m, autonomy 1h, backpack


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    Imagine putting the ocean in the palm of your hand. It's the concept behind CHASING DORY, the smallest, smartest and most affordable next-generation underwater drone in the world. , exploration, photography and video recording; Dory can move vertically up and down, at an angle of 45 degrees; It can dive up to 15 meters and has a high definition camera to take photos and videos;

    Dory uses a 15m cable to connect to a small floating buoy with Wi-Fi and transmits live 720p video from below the surface to the device and social networks; Capture 2MP photos, record videos at 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps and enhance dynamic images with color restoration algorithms for dynamic images; Its wide f / 1.6 lens can capture landscapes and actions even in low-light environments;

    Two 250 lumen LED lights for stage lighting; the Dory system is only 24.6 x 18.8 x 9.1 cm; It does not use the remote control, but only the application, tethers and buoy; It is only necessary to charge the ROV (3 hours of charging, 1 hour of operation);

    The movement is controlled on the mobile device by means of the virtual joystick of the "CHASING DORY" application; You can lock the angle to look down at the bottom or up at the surface and place yourself at the desired depth; Dory is easy to use, small in size and can be carried in a backpack; Whether you are diving, fishing, underwater photography or yachting, CHASING DORY is the best choice;

    Dory is similar to Fishing Finder in terms of advanced features, but its intuitive settings and high degree of sharing make it a favorite of adventurous and fun travelers; Package includes CHASING DORY underwater drone, 56 feet Wi-Fi tether buoys, power adapter,

    transport bag, supporting documents, 5 travel adapters, 2 cleaning tools;

    Specifications :

    Portable drone

    Dimensions: 24.7 x 18.8 x 9.2 cm

    Weight: 1.1 Kg

    Maximum depth - 15 m

    Maximum duration of operation: 1H

    Neutral buoyancy

    Stable browser

    Propellers (propellers): 5

    Maximum speed: 1.5 knots

    Tilt mode adjustable to 45 °

    Light: 2x 1200 lumens LED light

    Color temperature: 4000-5000 K

    CRI: 80

    Max power: 10W

    Attenuation: manually adjustable

    Camera specifications:

    CMOS: 1 /2.9 "

    Lens: F1.6

    Focus: 40mm

    ISO range: 100-3200

    Field of view: 95 °

    Maximum photo pixel: 2M (1920x1080)

    Photo type: JPEG / DNG

    Video Pixel: FHD (30 Fps 1920x1080)

    Video bit rate: 60M

    Video type: MP4

    Storage: 16 GB


    The package contains:

    1 x Chasing Dory Drone

    1 x Cable 15 m

    1 x Cloth

    1 x Charging station

    1 x Beacon with wifi

    1 x Manual

    1 x Schoolbag

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