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The products sold by the online store - Antech Sim Group SRL come from authorized sources by the producers or directly from the producers and benefit from a national guarantee supported by authorized service units of the Antech Sim Group SRL partners or of the producers.

In the case of legal entities (they are not consumers), the warranty period is 12 months for durable products and between 0-12 months for the rest. The deadline for product compliance is a maximum of 30 days.

In the case of warranty certificates issued by the manufacturer / importer, the products benefit from warranty in their service networks, in the centers explicitly mentioned in the certificates; the defective product can be presented directly to the nearest service center provided in the certificate. This service unit will take full responsibility for resolving the warranty;
The conditions for granting the guarantees, in this case, may vary depending on the manufacturer and are established in their commercial policies, at national level (see the list of authorized service centers). At the same time, SC Antech Sim Group SRL is responsible for the legal guarantee of conformity, as a seller according to the legal provisions. If the average duration of use of a product is less than 2 years, the guarantee of conformity is reduced to that period.

The terms and conditions of the guarantee are in accordance with the legal provisions: Government ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection, law no. 449/2003 regarding the sale of products and the guarantees associated with them. The warranty period is mentioned in the certificate issued by the manufacturer / importer and starts to run from the date entered in the purchase invoice; also this period is confirmed by the guarantee certificate related to the fiscal invoice issued by Antech Sim Group SRL.

The duration of the warranty period is extended by the time elapsed from the date on which the seller was notified of the lack of conformity or the product was handed over to the person designated by him until the date of bringing the product into normal use, respectively the date of written notification. the product or the actual delivery of the product to the consumer.

Long-term products (those complex products, made of parts and subassemblies, designed and constructed for use during the average period of use and on which repairs or maintenance activities may be carried out) are defective within the legal warranty period of conformity, then when they cannot be repaired or when the cumulative duration of non-operation due to deficiencies in the legal warranty period exceeds 10% of the duration of this period, at the consumer's request, they will be replaced by the seller or he will return the value of the product. The rights conferred on the basis of the commercial guarantee are in accordance with the legal provisions. These legal rights are not affected by the warranty provided.

The operations performed by the service during the warranty period will be mentioned on separate documents; these documents become an integral part of the warranty certificate.

The maximum settlement period is 15 calendar days from the date on which the buyer, as the case may be, informed the seller of the non-conformity of the product or handed over the product to the seller or to the person designated by him based on a handover document. After the product has been brought into conformity, it can be picked up directly from the Service or you can request its shipment by courier.

Repairs during the post-warranty period can take between 10 and 90 days. The customer must give his agreement in writing, unequivocally, within 48 hours from the communication of the repair cost.

Compliance can be done by:

  • product troubleshooting / repair;

  • partial or complete replacement of the product;

  • replacement with products with performances at least similar / equal to those of the product that cannot be repaired or replaced with the same model;

  • return the value of the product in case the repair or replacement is not possible;

Customer responsibilities

The warranty conditions do not apply to problems or damage caused by the customer or in circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • the product has been tampered with, repaired and / or modified by unauthorized personnel;

  • the product serial number (S / N - "serial number", IMEI, etc.), components or accessories have been modified, canceled or removed;

  • warranty seals have been broken or replaced;

  • the product has physical defects: bumps, cracks, shards, rust or shows traces of use in improper conditions: improper supply voltages, exposure to large variations in temperature and pressure, improper handling, incorrect settings and installations, viruses, BIOS rewriting, penetration liquids, metals or other substances inside the equipment, etc .;

  • inability to use due to forgotten or lost passwords / security measures.


When bringing / shipping the product for warranty, please inform us of the service request number assigned after completing the SERVICE Form in the form SV XXXXX; in the case of products sent by express courier companies, please mention on the transport letter (AWB) the NUMBER OF THE SERVICE FORM, as well as the mention "ATTENTION OF THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT" .

The products brought or sent to the attention of the service department must be complete, contain all the accessories (we recommend to be brought / shipped in the original packaging or a suitable packaging) and accompanied by a copy of the purchase tax invoice, the original warranty certificate of to the manufacturer / importer, as well as a copy of the warranty certificate issued by Antech Sim Group SRL which accompanies the invoice or is sent online, via email, to the customer.
The products that require the granting of the guarantee can be sent to the address: Vasile Lascar Street, no. 159 B, Sector 2, Bucharest.


If you choose to ship through a express courier company you can call Fan Courier (phone: 021-9336) or Sameday (phone: Bucharest : 021 - 637.06.60 ) and requests the collection of the package from your address, the transport cost being borne by Antech Sim Group SRL. It is very IMPORTANT to mention on the consignment note (AWB) the NUMBER OF THE SERVICE FORM, as well as the mention "ATTENTION OF THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT" . After the package / product has been received and verified, you will be notified regarding the development of the warranty / conformity procedure of your product.

The payment of the transport for the products sent in service (round trip) in order to solve the guarantee is the responsibility of Antech Sim Group SRL; The shipment can be made through the courier companies Fan Courier or Sameday. In the event that the warranty claim is unjustified and the product operates according to the manufacturer's specifications, the applicant will pay the costs of transportation, as well as the cost of diagnosing the product, established by the authorized service unit after verification.


Loss of the warranty certificate, as well as damage, deletion or loss of the label containing the product identification data (S / N, IMEI, etc.) may result in the loss of the warranty. If you have not received the warranty certificate attached to the invoice or by e-mail issued by Antech Sim Group SRL, you can request it at any time at: In order to resend your certificate warranty is required to communicate to us: invoice number, holder, email address.

Products not picked up from the service unit within 6 months from the completion of operations will be declared abandoned (according to the provisions of the Civil Code).

You can request support to identify if the product requires warranty or if it meets the warranty conditions / what is the warranty period, and which is the authorized service unit closest to your home by filling out the form below.



Products with physical defects are not covered by the warranty, such as: bumps, cracks, shards, burnt or cracked components / parts, etc., damaged, removed or modified warranty labels or seals, products used in inappropriate conditions (inadequate supply voltages, large variations in temperature and pressure, mechanical shocks, incorrect handling, use of products in conditions of humidity, dust, noxious substances or under the action of chemicals, etc.), incorrect settings and installations, ungrounded sockets, penetration of liquids, metals or other substances in inside the equipment, mechanical or plastic intervention on the products, connection or disconnection of certain components during the operation of the equipment.



• The warranty provided does not affect the rights of the Consumer Beneficiary

in accordance with the applicable legislation in force regarding the sale of products and

the guarantees associated with them.

• The guarantee is valid only on the Romanian territory.

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