Antech Sim (managed by SC ANTECH SIM SRL) and its suppliers do not assume responsibility for printing or display errors regarding the prices, characteristics or images of the products.

If an order cannot be honored due to such errors, Antech Sim reserves the right to cancel that order without prior notice.

Antech Sim SRL makes every effort to provide accurate information about the price and features of the products. Some prices may be incorrect. In case of registering an order with a ridiculous price, Antech Sim SRL has the right to cancel the Buyer's order.
The seller reserves the right to cancel the order, without any subsequent obligation of any party to each other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other, in the following situations, and not only:

  • the prices displayed on the Antech Sim website are the result of a material error;

  • the ordered product (s) is no longer in stock;

  • the transaction was not accepted by the bank issuing the Buyer's card;

  • the data provided by the Client / Buyer on the site are incomplete and / or incorrect;

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