Product return

You can request the return of products in the following cases:

  • The delivered product does not meet the specifications of the site. You can request a refund for the replacement or a full refund (if the product is no longer available).
  • Non-functional product in the first 48 hours (2 working days) from the reception. If the purchased product was delivered malfunctioning or has manufacturing defects, it will be replaced with a functional product, following written notification within 48 hours of receiving the product.
  • Product in damaged package. For products whose packages show visible damage upon receipt by courier, we recommend that you refuse to receive them. For proof, the package can be photographed and a report can be drawn up together with the representative of the courier company stating the condition of the package at the time of delivery. The risk of loss or damage to the products is transferred to you in full when you take physical possession of the product. Any subsequent complaint will not be considered. If a carrier loaded by the consumer is used, the risk is transferred when the products are delivered to the carrier.
  • Wrongly delivered products . If a product other than the one ordered was delivered.

To return products please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Read the terms and conditions below in which the products can be returned
  • 2. Fill in the return form
  • 3. If you have received confirmation that you meet the return conditions, a request to pick up the product will be automatically sent to the courier.
  • 4. Shipping system according to which the recipient is obliged, upon receipt, to pay the sender the corresponding value will not be received!
  • 5. After the products have reached us and have been verified, you will be contacted regarding the development and completion of this procedure.
  • 6. The product must be properly packaged so as not to cause damage during transport, otherwise the value of the damage will be retained.

All products sold by ANTECH SIM GROUP SRL benefit from a warranty for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Products with physical defects are not covered by the warranty, such as: blows, cracks, shards, burnt or cracked components / parts, etc., damaged, removed or modified warranty labels or seals, products used in inappropriate conditions (inadequate supply voltages, large variations in temperature and pressure, mechanical shocks, incorrect handling, use of products in conditions of humidity, dust, noxious substances or under the action of chemicals, etc.), incorrect settings and installations, ungrounded sockets, penetration of liquids, metals or other substances in inside the equipment, mechanical or plastic intervention on the products, connection or disconnection of certain components during the operation of the equipment.

Terms and conditions

The return of the products is accepted according to the terms and conditions mentioned below and are in accordance with the provisions of GEO 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the amendment and completion of regulations.

The products that are the subject of orders concluded online, can be returned, without invoking any reason within 14 days from the date of their receipt; before the expiration of the withdrawal period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from this contract, without having to justify the withdrawal decision and without incurring other costs than those provided in art.13 paragraph (3) and art.14 of GEO No. 34/2014, within 14 calendar days starting from the day when it enters into physical possession of the product.

In the case of legal entities (they are not consumers) and no returns are accepted.

Return costs are borne by the consumer. We recommend that you keep the original packaging to protect the integrity of the products.

The returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered;

The consumer is responsible only for the decrease in the value of the products resulting from their handling, different from what is necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and functioning, according to art. 14, para. 3 of GEO 34/2014.

The Seller will reimburse the value of the product in maximum 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of informing by the Consumer on his decision to withdraw from the contract and accept the return. may postpone the refund of the value of the product until the receipt of the product sold or until receipt of proof that it has been shipped, if has not offered to recover the product itself (the most recent date will be taken ). The amount of money related to the returned products will be refunded after the verification of the products after establishing by mutual agreement the method of refund or according to the legal procedures.


The exceptions regarding the right of return (their return is not accepted) are listed as an example, without limiting ourselves to the following (according to art. 16 GEO 34/2014):

  1. Software licenses (this category also includes products with pre-installed systems)
  2. Personal care products, cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products and dental hygiene products can only be returned if they are sealed.
  3. Warranty extensions etc.
  4. Unsealed CDs
  5. You can return the tires, rims, car electrical products, car maintenance & cosmetics if you have not used them, accompanied by the original, undamaged label and other identification elements attached.
  6. Sealed products which cannot be returned for health or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer, whether or not they have been used after unsealing (eg spare parts for toothbrushes, earphones);
  7. Mattresses, decorations and textiles can be returned only if they are sealed or their labels have not been removed.
  8. Car insurance
  9. Toys for children & babies and products for pregnant women can only be returned sealed
  10. Books that show traces of use
  11. Special order products, regardless of the category brought into stock following a firm order from you or making the advance payment, cannot be returned (this category also includes Diaxa systems and those assembled on request)
  12. Products purchased by legal entities (companies, PFA, foundations, non-profit companies)
  13. Product or packaging identification labels are damaged or missing;


  • These products cannot be returned in person, but only by courier after completing the return form.
  • The returned product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and accompanied by any accessories / gifts with which it was delivered.

In cases where the returned products are damaged or incomplete, show signs of wear, scratches, bumps, electric shocks, missing accessories, missing warranty certificates, we reserve the right to withhold a sum of the value of the product (value with VAT), the amount which will be communicated after the assessment of the damages caused. ( information here )

We also reserve the right to refuse to accept returns in the event of abuse (repeated returns).

The amount related to the return is refunded to a bank account.

Any change in the condition of the products or damage to their original packaging that makes it impossible to sell the product as new, automatically leads to the application of return procedures subject to fees to return the products to the condition in which they were delivered.
The reduction is applied between 10% -90% of the initial value of the product. The reduction fee will be communicated to the customer upon receipt of the modified products.

The products will be returned in the original packaging with all the accessories, with the labels intact, the documents that accompanied them and with a copy of the Purchase Invoice. Returning a product without its packaging or without packaging accessories (eg safety brackets, cardboard or polystyrene protection elements, etc.) or the product will reduce the value of the products, as mentioned below. Products with physical changes, bumps, shards, scratches, stains, shocks, etc. will not be accepted for return without being complied with.

Please check the physical integrity of the parcels when you receive them from Fan Courier or Same Day Curier in the presence of the courier and request a report of damage if the products show signs of damage. Any subsequent complaint will not be considered.

The modification of the invoicing data from the natural person to the legal person can be requested within maximum 48 hours from the possession of the products. The settlement period is up to 30 working days. Only invoices that have the receipt issued by the courier company on the legal entity can be modified. Invoices issued at the premises do not change

If the products to be returned have been accompanied by any bonuses, they must also be returned. If you have bought several products of the same type and you want to return them all, make sure that only one has been unsealed. The return of other products is only accepted if they are sealed.

Because it is not possible to determine the exact value of the diminishing value of the following products, batteries, chargers, printer cartridges, protective foils, etc., can only be returned sealed.

Returns of products that have active accounts / passwords set by the customer will not be accepted.

For any notifications and complaints, please access the complaints page.

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